Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

MonopolyBuying – Remodeling – Reselling

If you have thought about investing in real estate, but you do not have the time nor the team to handle a project, I have experience working with architects, designers, and contractors. We can discuss your budget and then find a property that is the right investment for you.

Development opportunities

With the continued changes and revitalization of neighborhoods, there are always opportunities for real estate developers. I can scout and research for profitable developments currently in high demand, such as, apartments that can be converted into condominiums and commercial buildings that can become mixed-use properties.

I understand the dynamics of these major undertakings and can work closely with you in the arduous due diligence process. Furthermore, you can rely on my marketing acumen to implement the sales cycle of your new development.

Trophy Properties

For mega investors, I have access to owners of office towers, hotels and retail centers in coveted prime locations.