West Hollywood

West Hollywood

west hollywood streetWest Hollywood is home to The Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Blvd., Melrose Avenue, the Pacific Design Center and the Beverly Center.. Its residents are from all walks of life, and their tastes and ways of living are expressed in their hot homes and cool clubs.

The north border of Sunset Blvd. is the famous section known as the Sunset Strip, running between Crescent Heights Blvd. (on the east) & Doheny Dr. (on the west). The Strip encompasses many trendy rock clubs, restaurants, boutiques, hotels and Hollywood nightspots that are on the cutting edge of the entertainment business.

Community involvement in the city is evident in the meticulous attention given to improving the design and upkeep of the public areas.

Single family homes are being handsomely renovated. Spanish style apartments with courtyards and fountains are being converted into modern condos. These remodeled properties generally sell quickly when they come on the market.

The Sierra Towers condo building located at the end of Sunset Strip on Doheny Rd. is currently considered one of the coolest places in town to live. Scoring a unit there represents a status symbol for being hip and in vogue. The full services amenities and extensive views from each floor have attracted celebrities and wealthy trend-setters who have revamped their units with the daring attitude “the sky is the limit”, sparing no expense with their renovations.

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