Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip

9130 St. IvesThe Sunset Strip is synonymous with glamour, excitement and celebrities because of its diverse and trendy mix of entertainment, shopping, dining and active nightlife.

The residential area* is characterized by winding roads branching out from Sunset Blvd. that climb up into the hills. If you are looking for a view home, close to the action, this is the place as many of the homes have been designed to showcase the expansive city to ocean views.

The “Bird Streets”, Nightingale, Flicker, Swallow, Thrasher, Oriole, Thrush Robin, Blue Jay, Warbler and Bluebird have become famous, in part, because music, film and sports personalities gravitate to the area.

Although as in other areas different styles can be found, architectural design has become de rigueur for Sunset Strip real estate.

* The Sunset Strip residential section takes its name from that famous part of Sunset Blvd. running between Crescent Heights Blvd. (on the east) and Doheny Dr. (on the west). “The Strip”, as it is affectionately called, is actually part of West Hollywood.

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