majorca 2Mallorca, the most famous of the Balearic Islands, has long been a tourist and holiday destination for romance and fun. Set against the backdrop of mesmerizing beauty, historical landmarks and architecturally interesting buildings it offers the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the sea, invigorating water sports, gorgeous golf courses, delicious local gastronomy and first class boutiques.

There are six basic areas of the island:

Palma is on the West coast and is fifteen minutes from the airport. Its historic Cathedral quarter is being modernized by the renovation of old stone houses and blocks of flats or apartments that are usually rented out to tourists. Cliffside properties overlooking the water, however, are being purchased as year round homes as buyers are choosing to make Mallorca their primary domicile. Palma’s increased popularity is also illustrated by the expansion of the port to accommodate the yacht owning set.

The South -West portion has a plethora of holiday properties as well as homes to purchase at all price points. One can find a modest apartment or a villa that sleeps 12. Located relatively close to Palma it has been a longtime favorite destination for the English and many of its restaurants serve all-day English breakfasts.

The North – West section, formerly difficult to reach, has benefited from the construction of tunnels and roads. Both apartments and homes have seen a dramatic rise in prices. The natural beauty of its rocky hills and unspoiled coastline is rigorously protected by strict enforcement of building regulations that stave off over development thus maintaining its small town ambiance.

The Inland or Center is another example of the positive impact that improvements to motorways and rail services can bring to an area. Its increased accessibility has attracted new buyers looking for a quiet retreat with magnificent views. Like other areas the properties run the gamut from cottages, to country estates to grand fincas. Multi-generational vineyards and food making artisans are specialties of the area.

The East (Coast) is known for its fabulous beaches, small coves and good snorkeling and diving. Because the weather here is cooler than it is in the western part of the island the winter season is more tranquil, with fewer tourists. Prices for existing homes as well as plots on which to build are more reasonable than in the other areas.