Koreatown has become a thriving area in which to live, work, play and invest. Approximately 3 square miles, it is located west of Downtown and south of Hollywood. Formerly the playground for Old Hollywood, it has been transformed into a vibrant, modern, urban landscape, mixing the old with the new. High-rise office buildings along Wilshire Blvd. have been restructured for mixed used occupancy and older buildings on the surrounding streets have been converted into luxury apartments. Avana on Wilshire is one example of the exciting luxury apartment complexes, featuring modern appliances and amenities. The expanding Expo line has connected Koreantown to other areas of the city, increasing its visibility and desirability.

One of the stand out multi-level malls, The Aroma Wilshire Center, is a five-story shopping center with restaurants, a spa, athletic club as well as a 150 yard fairway. Koreantown is known as a provider of skin care venues, specialty markets, fashion and home goods. There is a 2 day Night Market each year in June. Coffee houses and desserts are available 24 hours. Shatto 39 Lanes is one of the few bowling allies remaining in the city. Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge and The Venue Karioake Bar are gathering spots for late night partygoers. JJGrand Hotel, The LINE Los Angeles and Hotel Normandie (which was built n part from crowd funding) are popular destinations for travelers and locals alike.

With live music, night clubs, bottle service bars, and an abundance of restaurants (Korean BBQ, tabletop grills, Mexican, Italian, etc.) there is a palpable vibrancy in the air. This fusion of east and west cultures is attracting visitors from all over LA and beyond. It is no surprise that many first time visitors become regulars on the scene.

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